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A turnkey Dispatch, Wireless Workflow, Vehicle and Mobile Resource GPS tracking and management solution, Zena Track is designed to grow with your fleet and business needs, so that any mix of our tracking/dispatch products integrates seamlessly into a single map and interface.

Designed to reduce your operating expenses and improve customer service, Zena Track is a turnkey   fleet and mobile resource operations management and tracking solution which seamlessly integrates your fleet with the corporate network.

Using wireless networks as the backbone, Zena Track collects vital information on-board the vehicle   and delivers this data to your staff for live query, event tracking, task assignment, historical playback and reporting functionality.

Zena Track uses wireless two-way data technology and GPS to enable operations staff to interact   with real-time information captured in the field.


Reduce operating costs by streamlining fleet utilization
Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles and out-of-route activities with automated alerts
Save on overtime expenses by minimizing unnecessary stops
Automate driver logs, manifests and reduce paper flow


Track the real time location, speed and direction of travel of your vehicles
Reroute vehicles based on real-time location and proximity to clients
Capture vehicle information such as status of ignition, battery voltage, door sensor, power take-off (PTO) sensor and more
Report on idle time, maintenance schedules, speed reports and more.

How It Works

Every asset that you want to track gets a GPS-enabled device:
Hardware modem for vehicles
Mobile phone for workers
Asset tags for trailers / other assets that do not have continuous power
The GPS device communicates over a wireless network to a secure server
Your fleet manager uses Zena Track software to monitor your fleet in real-time or run reports on   historic data
Zena Tracker (GPS/GPRS)

For any vehicles that you want to track the locations of and monitor vehicle information.

Assets Tracked: Trucks, Vans, Cars, Equipment