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Some of our Partners

(1)EON Reality

EON Reality is looking to change how teachers utilize technology in the classroom. Students and teachers can create blended learning environments with the EON Creator, which is an interactive tool that allows users to combine 3D content with videos, sound effects, notes, Powerpoint, and more. EON also has an EON Experience Portal where teachers and students can upload their work and also explore the creations of other teachers and students. There is also the EON Colliseum where students and teachers can meet virtually, which makes collaboration possible at any time and from nearly any location.

(2)Complete Innovations Fleet Complete

Complete Innovations is the first company in the world to create a zero-capital, completely bundled, carrier billed fleet tracking solution. In April of 2007 Complete Innovations ( in partnership with TELUS launched the TELUS Tracking and Dispatch Solutions suite of products, which include TELUS Fleet Tracker, TELUS Fleet Tracker Advanced, TELUS Resource Tracker, TELUS Track and Dispatch and TELUS Asset Tracker. Each of these products are available to TELUS customers for a low monthly fee, billed by TELUS. ZENA Technologies is working with Complete Innovations to promote this highly successful and unique offering throughout the MENA region.
ETC Simulations Training Systems ADMS offers challenging, true-to-life virtual environments for training incident command and disaster management teams at all levels. Trainees gain the confidence, practical experience and decision-making skills needed to successfully resolve real-life incidents.

The result is a higher level of preparedness, a more effective response, a safer environment for responders, a greater probability of mitigating damage to property, and ultimately a better chance of saving lives.