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At ZENA we strive on provisioning state of art technologies that have great impact on education and knowledge transfer namely Smart Education.

One of the the pillars to achieve this task is Augmented Reality (AR). AR is a bridge linking virtual with physical world. It is an example of a technology that can make classroom learning more transformational and engaging.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of smart education, and these technologies are good for educators and students alike. Educators will be able to capture the attention of their students like never before and get them more actively involved in the classroom. Students are always trying to do whatís cool and whatís new; utilizing virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology in classrooms will appeal to students because itís the latest and greatest thing and itís very cool to use.

Using VR and AR technology will not only make learning more interesting and exciting to students but it will also increase retention because it engages them in a way which textbooks simply cannot compete with. These technologies give us a window into the future of education, and it probably wonít be long until it is standard for classrooms to come equipped with some form of VR or AR technology.

The general public gets confused when asked about the differences between VR and AR. While both augmented and virtual reality may focus primarily on making a more interactive and fun experience for the users, the methods in doing so are vastly different. AR overlays augmented objects onto a real-life environment while enhancing our senses and create a whole new environment to enjoy. On the other hand, VR places the user in a whole new immersive, simulated environment, creating an encompassing ecosystem and allowing the real word to be forgotten for a period of time. However, the one major selling point of augmented reality is the way the technology enhances the perception of reality.

Check out some of the various applications of AR / VR in different industrial as well as educational and medical fields.