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Simply put, fire fighting needs to be high-impact and occur regularly to be effective.

ADMS is a true-to-life, virtual fire fighting simulator that is used for firefighter training and incident command training at all levels.

For nearly 20 years, ADMS has been instrumental in training thousands of fire officers, firefighters, and fire truck drivers in best practices of tactical and strategic response including: rescue, fire fighting, extrication, hazmat training, tactical ventilation, water relay, urban search and rescue and emergency vehicle operation.

ADMS can be used as a single or a multi-discipline incident command training tool with other first responders, and can support strategic level fire training for large scale operations, as well as individual firefighter and fire officer training and assessment.

ADMS Fire Fighting Scenarios

ADMS provides fire fighting scenarios allowing for real time response to virtual situations. Firefighters are confronted with building fires, collapsed buildings, tunnel fires, subway fires, hazmat incidents, road traffic accidents, fuel farm fires, ship, aircraft, train, nuclear and power plants, and forest fire incidents.

Within these virtual environments, training exercises can be customized with the incorporation of injects, including hazards, fire spread, weather conditions, time of day, and traffic levels. Available resources, including vehicles and personnel, can be tailored to match your organizational assets. These customizations make your ADMS training experience scalable and unique to your fire training needs.

ADMS Provides Realistic Firefighter Training

The physics-based simulation makes the fires, smoke and hazardous materials behave as they do in real-life, and the crews and bystanders behave realistically due to the embedded artificial intelligence.

Training with ADMS is realistic and the trainees experience the consequences of their decisions as they would in real-life situations.

ADMS Fire Department Training

Complete fire department training can be accomplished with ADMS, including firefighters, drivers, vehicle commanders and fire officers using a team fire training system that includes multiple vehicle stations (visual screen, sound, steering wheel, pedals, and turret controls) and a Fire Officer Training Station (visual screen and sound).

Additional response sectors can play a part in the training experience, with the goal of complete continuity across all agencies, striving for the best possible outcome.

ADMS Fire Fighting Objectives:

• Save lives and mitigate damages by making the right decisions
• Dynamic Risk Assessment
• Apply Standard Operating Procedures
• Facilitate continuity of operations
• Prepare for large scale exercises
• Enable better performance in live exercises and real incidents
• Practice Planning and Mapping for Command Post Staff
• Test and validate emergency response plans
• Measuring hazardous materials with integrated measuring devices
• Experience the driving and operation of a fire truck utilizing a steering wheel, controls and mounted turrets

ADMS is the answer if you are tasked with fire training, teaching, assessing, enhancing or rehearsing the skills of firefighters or fire departments involved in fire command, incident and disaster management.